1. Travel Greece with a Bible in Your Suitcase | Tour Guide Costas Tsevas

Travel Greece | www.GreeceBibleTour.com – Travel Greece | Tour Guide Costas Tsevas |

Bring this website with you on your tour of Greece. 

Travel Greece | www.GreeceBibleTour.com – Travel Greece | Tour Guide Costas Tsevas |

And bring a Bible with you so that you can look up the Scripture texts included in the website.

A 2023 tour with Costas Tsevas is listed online at Greece Tour – In the Footsteps of Paul, May 2023 – Christian Medical & Dental Associations® (CMDA

Greek tour guide, Costas Tsevas, published a book in December 2022, along with Eric Larson, which you can now buy on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3WK2hQj


I joined my husband, David Gauger, as he led a concert tour in Greece with a great group of students from the Moody Bible Institute Symphonic Band. Mihalis Litsikakis, Operations Manager at Cosmovision Center, added value to the concert tour by inviting Greek Tour Guide, Costas Tsevas, to join the tour. Costas brought his Bible with him. Greece captured our hearts. We share our tour with you, on this website, so that you can follow along, learn, grow and experience Greece, just like we did – with tour guide Costas Tsevas, and our Bible.

So, pack your suitcase. Visit Greece with this website and a Bible in your hand.


Take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Our Vision: Travel. Build relationships. Have fun.

Our Mission: We inspire people to visit Greece.

Our Target Audience: You, as you imagine taking a trip to Greece with a website and a Bible in your suitcase.

Our Values: 

We TRAVEL: We provide an example to follow so that you can travel just like us.

We are TEAM PLAYERS: We smile when we see each other walk into the room.

We HAVE FUN: We love deep belly laughs.

We GIVE THANKS: We remember the good stuff and give thanks to God.

We went on our tour with Costas Tsevas and The Moody Bible Institute Symphonic Band, directed by Conductor Dr. David Gauger II. We left the hustle and bustle of Chicago O’Hare International Airport with an energetic, thoughtful group of talented students and boarded an airplane with Iberia Air Lines.

In Madrid, Spain we stopped for roll call, then waited for our flight to Athens, Greece. Iberia Airlines treated us well and provided great service, all the way from Chicago to Athens!

We landed at Athens International Airport, sleep deprived and full of adrenalin. We boarded a bus and met Mihalis from the Greek Bible Institute and Kostas Tsevas, our tour guide. After we drove away from Athens, we came to the ancient City of Thebes, Greece.

Travel Route from Athens to Thebes

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