47. Because We are Disabled to Fulfill the Divine Standards

…Yes, if you accept the authority, recognize this authority and you place yourself under this authority… or you put an x to this authority?

Actually, hell is made by God, not for the human, but for the devil and his followers. The human is going to arrive finally in hell only if he follows the devil – is not going to be kicked out from the Paradise by God.

I tell you that the Book of Life has to do with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and God likes and is ready with the pen on his hand to write the names of everybody inside this book, but He needs everybody to proceed and to say look, the blood of Jesus. Many people will not come, the records to be registered, because they will follow another direction, another lord. His Judgment is going to be one day, and everybody has to prove in quads which authority recognizes and to which kingdoms’ citizen is.

“And what’s the connection with good and evil?” I asked.  

Evil is the conspiracy. Evil is the rebellion, even the “not” recognition of the legal authority.

I said, “I feel like there is another bigger picture to that.”

Yes, yes. Our dysfunction and our problem is not hubris. It is hamartia. If we had decided to become hubrists, then is not any room for repentance for us. That is our decision because we identify ourselves with The Hubrist, who consciously although he was the carrier of the light, of the Divine Light to the creation, he had face to face contact with God, decided to become rebellious. Satan.

He was the greatest of the angels. The closest to God angel.

I commented, “Satan. He was The Hubrist. But we are the sinners.”

That is right, because we are disabled to fulfill the divine standards, is not a conscious decision to be enemies of the god.

I said, “It’s an inability.”

Yes, it is our inability that makes us sinners, not our conscious.  Yet, our conscious consciously made decision yet to be enemies of the god.

I began, “And this judgement is…”

For this. For this. Yes. Are you an enemy? A proclaimed enemy of the authority?

March 2015, My conversation with our Greek scholar

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