41. Travel Greece with a Bible in Your Suitcase | The Thessaloniki Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece | Acts 17:6b-9 

The Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece was the seat of the City Council, the seat of the politarches (πολιτάρχης.) During an excavation archeologists found the row of their seats, which had been buried underground, and today we can see the excavated row of seats under a glass floor at the Forum in Thessaloniki.

Looking through the glass floor at the seats of the City Council in Thessaloniki

The theatrical stage sits just in front of currently used housing.

Thessaloniki Forum
Walking toward the Thessaloniki Forum/Theater

1. The very first phase of building the theater goes back to 1 AD, during the time of Apostle Paul. Now look what happened: We have here, five doors, five marble doors, which are related to the first phase of building, the time when we had the Council of the City.

In 200 AD the first row of seats were removed, and the area of their seats was also removed, because it was decided that this City Council Room of the politarches (πολιτάρχης) should become a little auditorium, with an orchestra there and a stage.

Looking through the glass floor of the orchestra area, we can see the location of the City Council Room of the politarches (πολιτάρχης.)

2. Phase two in building the theater came next.

In the 200’s it was decided to turn the City Council Room of the politarches (πολιτάρχης) into an auditorium and they needed the orchestra and a stage. The three middle of them were built up, so behind them was built the stage and this changed the use of the former City Council Room.

3. Later the roof was taken off and they tried to make a theater there, which never was completed because the Emperor, Julian the Apostate, was assassinated.

Standing above the City Council Room area in Thessaloniki

If this thing is so, then the first phase of this building is the place where Jason of the book of Acts was dragged in front of the politarches (πολιτάρχης) in Thessaloniki.

The New Testament Book of Acts 17:6b-9 says,   

They dragged Jason and some other believers before the City Officials, politarches (πολιτάρχης), shouting: “These men who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here, 7and Jason has welcomed them into his house. They are all defying Caesar’s decrees, saying that there is another king, one called Jesus.” When they heard this, the crowd and the City Officials, politarches (πολιτάρχης), were thrown into turmoil. Then they made Jason, and the others post bond and let them go.

The Forum in Thessaloniki is a very Biblical spot.

Apostle Paul in Thessaloniki
Bath area excavation in Thessaloniki, Greece
Lorelei eating gyro with fries in Thessaloniki, Greece
Lorelei drinking Mikel coffee in Thessaloniki, Greece
Moody Bible Institute Symphonic Band Concert Thessaloniki, Greece
ABC Hotel Thessaloniki, Greece
ABC Hotel Thessaloniki, Greece
Balcony view from the Thessaloniki ABC Hotel

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